About Us

Welcome to Al Fresco Wedding, your premier wedding planners in Tuscany, specializing in creating extraordinary Tuscany weddings. Our dynamic team comprises three empowered and dedicated women – Beatrice, Roberta, and Francesca – each bringing a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table.

As seasoned professionals in the wedding industry, our focus is on delivering excellence in every aspect. Our commitment is reflected in our identity as a creative, professional, and organized team that thrives on setting and achieving ambitious goals. Our expertise extends to accommodating diverse cultural traditions and budget requirements, ensuring that each couple’s individual vision is brought to life with no two weddings ever the same.

Drawing inspiration from the stunning landscapes of Tuscany, we leverage our insider knowledge to curate the perfect team of vendors. Our goal is to satisfy different budget levels while guaranteeing clear communication and flawless execution. Our services are not just about planning weddings; they are a celebration of love and the rich cultural tapestry of Tuscany.

Meet our passionate trio:

Beatrice, Roberta, Francesca

each contributing their unique talents to make your wedding a truly memorable and bespoke experience. Every wedding we advise on is a unique canvas where our expertise is employed to help you create an exceptional and distinct event. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that your ideas and dreams shape the narrative of your special day.

At Al Fresco Wedding, we pride ourselves on being able to handle events ranging from the simple to the most complex. Combined with our love for weddings and our deep connection to the land, we offer our knowledge and expertise at your complete disposal.

In order to provide the attention and detail that your special wedding weekend deserves, we take on a limited number of weddings each year. This allows us to focus entirely on your unique vision and deliver an unparalleled experience. With Al Fresco Wedding, your Tuscany wedding dreams are not just realized – they are elevated to new heights.

The Founder


“Al fresco wedding” is my brand. I am a wedding planner and designer, and a travel agent. I like the idea of having the power to share creations with others and building a tribe of happy customers.

Being a wedding planner is the fusion and culmination of experience gained over the years, combining my knowledge of the Tuscan area and my expertise in tourism with a passion for planning and design.

My experience started 12 years ago  in a fantastic Castle very well known as beautiful wedding venue. I worked as wedding planner for the Castle and I felt in love with this beautiful job and after years in the tourism I decided to dedicate all my energies to the destination weddings and to make the couples from all over the World happy.

The day of the wedding when you realize that what you have imagined and planned and designed for months come to reality it makes me so happy and proud for the team and the hard work done in the past months.  My goal is when the couple say that it was exactly how they envisioned and couldn’t be better.

 I’m very conscious that planning a destination wedding overseas can be overwhelming and it is my job to make it absolutely fun and relaxing for everyone during the next months of planning and while you are making memories here in our beautiful country!

Wedding Planner


Absolutely, here’s a first-person version of Roberta’s bio:

Hello, I’m Roberta Pizzinelli, the proud force behind Al Fresco Wedding. My journey into the world of weddings has been shaped by years of experience in congress planning. I spent considerable time with a major agency in Florence, orchestrating scientific congresses globally. While successful in that realm, my heart was always drawn to the captivating universe of wedding planning.

The prospect of transforming the dreams of countless couples into reality, of being the guiding hand from the initial planning stages to their most special day, is truly amazing. My expertise, honed over 12 years, began in a magnificent castle renowned for hosting beautiful weddings. It was here that I fell head over heels in love with this enchanting profession.

After years in the tourism industry, I decided to channel all my energies into destination weddings, aiming to bring joy to couples from every corner of the world. There’s an indescribable happiness and pride that comes from seeing months of planning, envisioning, and designing materialize on the day of the wedding. My goal is achieved when the couple expresses that their day was exactly as they envisioned, if not better.

I am acutely aware that planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming. It’s my commitment to turn this process into a fun and relaxing journey for everyone involved throughout the months of planning and the creation of lasting memories in our beautiful country. I look forward to bringing the magic of Al Fresco Wedding to your special day.

Wedding Planner


Certainly, here’s a first-person version of Francesca’s bio:

Hi there, I’m Fran, your devoted wedding planner at Al Fresco Wedding. My journey in the events industry began in 2008, where I cut my teeth on corporate events, private affairs, and concerts. However, my heart led me to weddings, a realm I embraced wholeheartedly thanks to my incurable romanticism and passionate idealism.

Music is my other great love, and I view each wedding as a new, harmonious composition waiting to be played together, six-handed. Helping turn your dreams into reality renews my creativity and fills me with joy. It’s an absolute honor to leverage my language skills and wild Italian creativity to infuse inspiration into your wedding, making it a day you’d happily choose over and over.

With Al Fresco Wedding, my goal is to craft weddings that resonate with your unique vision. Your wedding isn’t just an event; it’s a beautifully orchestrated composition capturing the essence of love and celebration. I bring unparalleled passion, language finesse, and an Italian flair for creativity to ensure your wedding day becomes a timeless and cherished memory. I can’t wait to bring the magic of Al Fresco Wedding to your special day.

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