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During the early history of bridesmaids, ‘maids were tasked with not only attending to, but also protecting the bride from evil – whether that meant spirits or bandits. In ancient Rome, it was believed the bad spirts would descend upon weddings so bridesmaids wore similar outfits to the bride to confuse the malignant.

It is a great privilege to be chosen as a bridesmaid even if at the same time you might feel a little be stressed about this assignment. Remember being a bridesmaid is very important and the major role is to assist the Maid of Honour with planning duties and offer additional help to the bride as needed. This role is much more delicate if it is a destination wedding where being in a foreign country can be overwhelming for everybody.  Here you can find a list of  tips for the bridesmaid’s duties to follow before and during the wedding.


  • First of all, it is essential to be very supportive and available as much as you can;
  • Be ready to plan (and also pay for it) with the help of the maid of Honour and the other bridesmaids the bridal shower and the bachelorette party;
  • Normally the bridesmaid assists the bride with the choice of the wedding dress;
  • Working with the bride and Maid of Honour to help address, seal, and stamp bridal shower thank-you cards;
  • Offering extra hands in making items for the wedding, place cards, etc.


  • You should know the time line of the day so make sure to know who the wedding planner is and your role of the day;
  • Help the bride to get ready the morning of the wedding and make sure she doesn’t miss anything;
  • Help her in and out of cars, or down stairs if she needs assistance;
  • Fix her dress and veil throughout the day, such as at the top of the aisle, or when posing for photos;
  • Take her bouquet for the ceremony;
  • Help round family members up for photos;
  • Carry an emergency kit and the bride’s lipstick – let her know if she needs touch-ups;
  • Assist her going to the bathroom, if required – here’s how it works!
  • Make a speech – we love it when a woman takes the mic;
  • Get guests to sign the guestbook or visit the photo booth;
  • Be first on the dance floor and encourage others to keep it filled for the night!
  • Arrange for candles, rose petals and bubbly in the honeymoon suite.
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