Weddings budget

I truly believe that a destination wedding is not just the wedding day itself but it is a complete marvellous experience for the couple and all the people involved and it should be a stress-free and fun vacation.

I understand that planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming especially if you have a budget in mind. I will walk through all the process of planning step by step, project by project till the end of your experience. 

The Al fresco Wedding experience is the ideal choice for those couples who want guidance and help throughout the planning so that they can enjoy the run up to the big day, maximize their free time



Our planning and budget templates will help you to keep well organized all the payment deadlines and everything under control.  With many vendors and many deadlines during the year of planning it is easy to get lost. 

Our goal is to achieve the best result within the budget given, to make our clients happy and satisfy of the result.  The budget is very important from the first step, as it given us a sort of plan of the suppliers involved in the process, one of our first questions in fact is about the budget, and we always recommend to be as clear as possible.