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Child-free Wedding in Tuscany

Child-free Wedding in Tuscany

Child-free Wedding in Tuscany

Child-free Wedding in Tuscany

Let’s talk about Child-free Wedding in Tuscany. Many couples nowadays have decided not to include children in their wedding festivities; but this is a decision that must be handled very carefully, as this is likely to offend some of your guests who have young families.

Remember, it is your day, so you must stick to your own rules.

Aside from family and the bridal party, make no exceptions – and be firm in your decision – you can’t invite a certain old friend’s children and exclude others! It will help if you give a reason for the ‘no children rule’ and an age cut-off point. For example, you could write on the invitation: “Due to limited space, we have decided not to invite children under the age of eight (or six, or four).”
It might be a good idea to call the parents before you send out the invitations and inform them of your decision. Especially if they are close friends who may or may not understand why you don’t really want their two-year-old at the wedding service or reception! Perhaps they will welcome the excuse to either leave their child at home with grandma or take advantage of our babysitting service. And enjoy a special adult time together as a couple at your wedding.

BeA Alfresco Wedding will be more than happy to provide babysitters to take care of the little ones away from the wedding itself.

But close enough so that the children are still within close proximity to parents, should they become upset or overtired. Naturally, we will provide games and entertainment for the children; and they can be offered a special ‘kid’s meal’ which will be similar to the meal served at the wedding itself, but more suitable for children.

We will offer several options for entertaining the children, according to their ages – such as individual packs with coloring books and puzzles, for instance, and also perhaps small toys and games so that they will have something new and fun to play with. A craft booth where they can create something – perhaps a gift for the bride and groom – is a great idea to keep the children occupied while their parents enjoy an ‘adults only’ wedding.

We will also make sure that the children are put to bed at a reasonable hour, and kept under close supervision at all times. Naturally, if any of the children have a problem with being kept apart from the festivities, their parents will be informed immediately.

This easy solution to the question of whether or not to have children at your wedding results in no stress for the bride and groom or the parents – and no stress for the children, who will be made to feel that they are having a really special time. They will be enjoying their holiday in Tuscany as a family anyway, and certainly won’t feel left out if they are having a ‘party’ of their own.

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