Have you ever dreamt about a special car for your wedding day? A fantastic vintage 500 or a Jaguar or a Ferrari why not? Everything can be done, and if you are not familiar with the manual gear we have the solution, an English speaking driver can escort you.

Being Tour Operator with years of experience give us the opportunity to help you in planning your stay in Italy with all these tips that can help you not only we can take care of  guests bookings,  Hotel recommendations Venue scouting in close proximity of the event venues, Tours organization. Logistic coordination on the wedding day. Shuttle from the main venue to the others where your guests staying. 

We are able to organize Tours, wine tour for you and your group and make your stay in Italy funny and relaxing.  


What about Honey moon??? In Italy or even in Maldives from Italy… we can take care of your honeymoon in Italy giving all details and top places in Italy where to go. What about Sicily or Sardinia the two big Italian’s island, so beautiful and rich of history and beauties to see. The fantastic Carabean Sea of Sardinia, Caribbean beaches have become the symbol of dreamy coasts. For their transparent sea. For their white and immaculate sand. Well, know that Sardinia has absolutely nothing to envy to the Caribbean Sea.

Than what about Taormina, or Palermo or Favignana Island or the beautiful Ortigia  where not only transparent sea but even so much history and charm of a rich land that was conquered by Arabs and Greeks and you can breath the influences of the different cultures. 

Let us make you dream Italy!!!!!