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Dreaming of a Wedding in Italy from US

Dreaming of a Wedding in Italy from US

Dreaming of a Wedding in Italy from US

Let’s talk about Dreaming of a Wedding in Italy from US

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Dreaming of a Wedding in Italy from US

Today’s post is written by Sheila, an American blogger who tells us why, from her American point of view, a destination wedding in Italy has such a fascination for American brides.

“As a married lady whose wedding was on a cold day in February, I can only dream of the kind of wedding I could have had if I’d decided to have my wedding in sunny Italy!

The thought of spending several days in the sunshine of the beautiful Tuscan cities of Florence, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano and Pisa makes me so envious of brides who are able to have a destination wedding in Italy!

Just imagine traveling to Tuscany with your family, the groom’s family and your friends and spending several days exploring the ancient cities and towns of the region. For lovers of art and architecture there is no city in the world to compete with the beautiful city of Florence – the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Like many other Italian cities it has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There is so much to see in Tuscany, and so much to do, but as you have chosen BeA Alfresco Wedding as your wedding planner, you know you are putting yourself and your wedding into the hands of people with specialist knowledge. They have organized many unique and memorable destination weddings in many different locations.

They will arrange entertainment for you and your guests during the several days you spend in Tuscany for your destination wedding, and make sure that everyone, no matter what their age or interests, will have an activity to enjoy.They offer guidance about relaxing spa sessions, shopping expeditions, trips to the local art galleries or museums, wine tasting tours, meals – in fact, anything that you and your guests would like to do or see in the area can be arranged by their staff.

BeA Alfresco won’t simply help you to plan your wedding, choose your cake, help you with your color scheme and offer unique personal touches for your big day – they will be there to assist you and your guests throughout your stay.

American brides will be enchanted by the many ancient towns and buildings offered as locations for their weddings – or outdoor venues surrounded by the stunning landscape of Tuscany with its vineyards, forests and fields of lavender.

America is a beautiful country and there are many stunning places here where you can hold your marriage ceremony; but the memories of your destination wedding in Italy will linger forever in your mind – and in the minds of everyone who celebrated such an unforgettable time with you.”

Thank you Sheila!

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