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Ideas for Wedding Rings Pillows and Cushions

Ideas for Wedding Rings Pillows and Cushions

Let’s see some Ideas for Wedding Rings Pillows and Cushions

Ideas for Wedding Rings Pillows and Cushions

Something that may be overlooked in all of your wedding preparations are the wedding ring pillows or cushions. Please don’t forget to choose your style for these, as they are an important part of the wedding ceremony!

Many couples choose to have their wedding ring pillows in the colors or theme of their wedding. We have even used the head of a large sunflower for a wedding in our beautiful Tuscany when the bridal couple chose to have sunflowers in the wedding bouquet and their wedding flowers – and for an autumn wedding we have even seen a small pumpkin used for a ring ‘cushion’ with ribbons to hold the rings! For an outdoor or ‘green’ wedding, linen is an excellent choice and can be adorned with natural cotton lace and simple flowers or herbs.

You can design your ring pillow to suit the season or the venue of your wedding – and at BeA Alfresco Wedding we have many ideas to help you get started. In Italy we often have cream or white wedding ring pillows made from satin which are artistically adorned with lace and beads.

Many ring bearer pillows are decorated with flowers, lace and beads and can be neutral, with just a single flower and lace decoration or created to match the color of the floral arrangements. Of course, there is also the shape of the pillow to be decided – do you prefer a traditional square pillow, a circular one, or keep the romantic theme by using a heart-shaped pillow?

Let us not forget about the small person who will be carrying the wedding ring pillow! Your choice of ring bearer will probably be a young male or female relative – so be sure that the fabric isn’t too slippery for him or her to carry, and that the pillow isn’t so intricate and delicate that small hands can damage it. Also make sure that the rings are securely fastened to the pillow for the trip down the aisle – but not so securely fastened that you can’t undo the ribbons.

Remember that you have many choices – from the color to the fabric and decoration – and that we are here with numerous ideas to assist you.
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