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Indian wedding in Tuscany

What do a destination wedding in Tuscany and an Indian wedding have in common?

Not much, you might think! But there is a growing number of couples choosing to combine the two. And the result is a fantastic mix of cultures, rituals, tradition, food, music, colour, nature and fun.

Italy is the perfect halfway point to meet

for an Indian couple living in Europe with relatives in India or America;

when only one of the bride or groom are Indian.

A wedding in Tuscany gives them the opportunity to share their cultures and religion with both an Indian ceremony and a Catholic or civil ceremony as well.

An Indian wedding in Tuscany allows couples who love Italy to share this passion with their friends and family whilst at the same time bring a little of India with them. For other couples it is the opportunity to have a smaller version of their traditional marriage.

So, what is an Indian wedding in Tuscany like?

Imagine a Mehndi party where the hands and feet of the bride are covered with Henna tattoos. Followed by a pizza dinner in an Italian garden. What about the Baarat (the arrival of the bridal party) when the groom arrives in a classic red Alfa Romeo convertible to the sounds of dohl drummers. And, picture an aperitif with Bollywood dancers performing in front of a backdrop of cypress trees and the Chianti countryside.

The perfection of the Tuscan countryside with its mosaic of vineyards, cypress trees and fields and bright blues skies are the perfect match for the vibrant colours, intricate embroidery and beading of traditional Indian attire. The intensity of the traditions and rituals of an Indian ceremony are the perfect match for the centuries steeped in history that Tuscany offers.

Add to this a combination of love, friendship and joy. And you have the perfect location for an Indian destination wedding.

We are happy to help any way for your indian ceremonie in Italy. We can and make your dream come true!

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