Weddings light

The Light design service become more and more important in these last past years as the light can modify the atmosphere and the place completely more than flowers or others.

Your most beautiful day will be unique in terms of scenery, characterized by a suggestive atmosphere of lights and colors, almost surreal. The architecture of the location will be enhanced by beautiful crystal chandelier, or string lights or led around the walls. 

Light design in Tuscany for your private event 

The secret to making your wedding unforgettable is to recreate a unique atmosphere, through the arrangements, the flowers and also with the Light Designer.



The ability of a Wedding Light Designer is to perfectly integrate light with the aesthetic aspect of the location, therefore its architecture, respecting the spaces and needs of the users. In fact, it is important to carefully study the play of light so as not to create visual disturbances for guests but rather to offer a wonderful show.

During the site inspection we will decide with you what to illuminate and above all how to do it, which intensity and colour based on the effect you want to give and the type of location. We can start  with static fixed color effects, which can change during the event and give life to shades, fades and plays of color.

The light design for the wedding reception can create something unique and magical we can help you in finding the best solution for the place of the reception to enhance the beauty of the place.