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New trend Bridal make-up

Let’s talk about New trend bridal make-up

New trend Bridal make-up

Get inspired about new trend bridal make-up! The Big day the bride is the focal point, everybody looks at her, and photos, she is in the foreground and and must be at the top of its beauty.

Makeup for photography is different from your everyday makeup. A licensed, insured, professional like our Al fresco wedding MUM, understand cameras, lighting and reflected light, that is, not just the way you look when seen with the eye, but the way your makeup will translate when the light bounces off your face and is refracted back to the camera in your photos and video.

Hiring a professional makeup artist with the knowledge of creating these cosmetic illusions for the camera, even lightly applied, will insure that your photographer will capture your most beautiful self.

Contouring is the buzz world of the moment “ To contour is to heighten the contrast between the light and dark areas of the face, the objective being to create a slender and more deined face where features appear more symmetrical as a result”

Contouring can be your best friend, or your worst enemy if you get it wrong.  Again our professional MUM will know how to do the best contouring for your face and how it results in photos.

Please remember that if you want to make your own make up  avoid anything too shimmery Glitter particles and really shimmery cheek highlighters will pick up on photo as really “greasy looking”. There are plenty of glow enhancers which you can use under foundation  which are not too metallic.

Top 4 Wedding Hair and make up styles:

1. Nude Look> in this case is played with the brightness and a good basic face to emphasize the porcelain skin and highlight facial features, eye colors will be natural as well as the gloss on the lips.

In this case contouring is a must. To emphasis your face.

The perfect hair style for a nude look is whimsical waves or just natural hair.

2. Romantic Look: in this case soft colours palette for the make up and for the hair, waves and curls. Lip stick will be blush colours to give to highlight the eyes.

Braids in all ways are so romantic and cool

3.Vintage make up > the classic vintage makeup is eye liner with a red lip.

A red lip can work beautifully on the day. What I will say about this is it is a little more high maintenance.

To make it really last find products to create this that specifically offer longer wear. These  products have been created to stand the test of time and also won’t come off when your running around saying hello to everyone and cheek kissing the family!

 If you have never tried red lipstick but have been thinking about it for the wedding day – be warned. Start wearing a version of the red a few weeks before the day. It’s like putting on a top hat or a smokey eye makeup for the first time and walking around town – you’ll feel like the centre of attention. It wears you if you don’t wear it. Get used to it first and then on the day you’ll feel in your comfort zone.

 Hair style is  minimal, maybe just a bun or with streight waves

4.Rock look: There are some brides out there who’s everyday makeup isn’t soft or natural. (Rock and Roll Bride anyone!?) With this makeup you can still create beautifully blended effects using more colours.

Smokey eyes in brown or black  and for the lipstick play with colours, purple, red . 

Hair in this case can be of all colored as it is in fashion  this year, purple, pink, red, blue….. Highlighted tattoos with a backless dress or a dress without straps.

False eyelashes is a detail that no one wants to do without,   it finishes the look and give a romantic allure to the eyes.

On this special day ~ how you look and feel is most important. You will find that most people won’t remember what brand of crystal or linen you chose or which expensive wine and champagne you poured, but they will be looking at you, the bride; in person and in your photos and videos. These pictures in your wedding album will last a lifetime, records your family, children and their children will have always.

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