Raghav and Deann wedding

Raghav and Deann wedding
19- 20 July 2022

The first email I received from Deann and Raghav was in summer 2019 asking for a June wedding 2020!!! The first time we met was in October 2019 for a site inspection and they came with the 2 mums and we spent some quality time together visiting venues around Tuscany. They are so nice and sweet and I felt immediately at home with the mums and them and they let me enter in their life. Raghav lived in Any Dhabi while Deann lived in Dubai then. At the end they picked Borgo Corsignano for their wedding as it was the perfect venue for a 2 days celebrations with 100 people. 

They came in the 19th of February 2020 to walk through the venue and taste the menu and do some trials with some make up artists, we talked about the COVID, they heard about it as I obviously did but then we weren’t so worried, it is a normal flue don’t worry let’s go on with the planning!!!  NO ONE  could predict what would happen 2 years of global pandemic!!! 

After 2 postponements finally they get married in 2022, they originally should have 100 of guests and became less then 60 but at the end those who really counted for them where present.

The wedding liked the catholic Indian tradition to the Hindu rites traditions. 

The day before the wedding the Race and Haldi took place in the garden. The roce ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual associated to the catholic community. Rice means juice and it is the freshly squeezed coconut milk this ceremony is equivalent to the Haldi Ceremony in the Hindu community.

The ceremony includes anointing by the coconut oil and application of pure coconut milk.

The Roce and Haldi was followed by dances and food (Italian food). It was so funny and all the group enjoyed it very much, we were part of the party and we danced so much following the Indian music by the Dj Avery a great talent.

The wedding day started with a great Sun and when there is the sun we are so happy!!!! In the morning the group had a brunch and get fun in the swimming pool lying under the sun, while the getting ready begin for the women and the bride.

Before the departure the BARAaT was held as In Hindu and Sikh weddings, the Groom is led to the marriage venue in a procession known as the Baraat. The groom was accompanied by family members, groomsmen, and friends known as baraatis. The music during a Baraat sets the mood for the rest of the marriage event, with upbeat and exciting songs blasting as the Groom makes his way through the procession. Most DJ’s will have a portable sound system as well as a Dhol player.in the main square with the DJ and the drummer.

The ceremony was at 3.30 at the Duomo di Arezzo, we had the great privilege to celebrate the catholic marriage in the Duomo and in the Chapel della Madonna del Conforto. It was stunning, and Don Daniele perfectly run the Mess. We rented a Vintage Bentley  to  drive the bride from Borgo Corsignano to the Duomo of Arezzo and a big bus to drive all the guests. 

Aperitivo at the Borgo followed the Catholic ceremony and the dinner. 

It was very stressful for them but even for me to have everything under control, they waited for so long and they deserved what they had a big, stunning 2 days events as they have ever dreamt of. 

I spent 3 days at the borgo with the couple and the group and it was a pleasure for me to be part of the wedding of these two beautiful people. They made me feel like part of a big family, we did a great job as we were a great team!!!