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A London Vintage Dress

Rebecca Denholm (The Pocket Library) A London Vintage Dress

Let’s talk about A London Vintage Dress

The real story of A London Vintage Dress

We would like to thank one of our brides, Louisa Hurdle, who was happy to share with us the story about how she discovered a unique vintage dress in London for her wedding in Castello di Modanella, Tuscany, Italy.

“It was at a ‘Vintage Wedding Fayre’ in Kensington, London that I first came into contact with Rebecca Denholm from The Pocket Library. She had a collection of the most beautiful, original pieces dating from every era. I cannot explain the ‘rush’ I experienced as I rifled through these delicate dresses; but I felt so strongly about what I had seen that I took Rebecca’s business card.

The interesting thing about this was that I had attended this wedding fayre with my sister to get some inspiration for her wedding, not mine.

Anyway, I put it to the back of my mind; although I did enthuse to my boyfriend about it when I returned home. Perhaps this put an idea into his head, because within four months of me attending the vintage wedding fayre, he had proposed to me!

Once we had decided on a wedding venue; Castello di Modanella in Italy, my next priority was finding ‘the dress’.

Rebecca was my first port of call…

A date was arranged in her vintage studio in West London. Rebecca and I spent a solid two hours selecting and trying on various wedding gowns. In the end we narrowed it down to five dresses. It was decided I am a ‘1950’s shape’ and was therefore best suited to a dress of that era.

The next stage of the process was to arrange a second appointment; and include my mum and sister for their trusted opinions.

The appointment day arrived and each dress was fashioned accordingly for Mum and my sister. The final dress was the one that raised the most gasps and praise from them both – so the decision was promptly made.

The chosen dress was a 1950’s tea length dress with lace paneling. It made me feel like a ballerina!

Rebecca does not divulge any information about its previous owner, although it was said that the dress had been carefully preserved.

What I do know is that the dress was lovingly handmade and the material was silk organza. What I also know is that it is the only one of its kind and that, once upon a time, another bride also had the wonderful experience of wearing it.

In my eyes the modern dresses of today cannot match the authenticity, quality and craftsmanship of a vintage dress.

It was a personal choice; but it was certainly the right choice for me.”

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