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Tuscany Destination Wedding

Say I do in Tuscany

Say I do in Tuscany

An AlFresco destination wedding in Tuscany

What is a destination wedding? Put simply the bride and groom choose a destination that is not their home, invite their guests and go there to get married. But for me, an AlFresco Wedding destination wedding in Tuscany is more than that. It was brought home to me this summer, on a warm, balmy evening late in July. The bride and groom had been pronounced husband and wife and the wedding party had just finished a delicious alfresco dinner.

Suddenly, what sounded like Greek music, to my untrained ear, began to play and the majority of the wedding party jumped up onto the dance floor.

A Greek wedding you might think? But no, we were in the heart of Chianti in Tuscany, on a beautiful garden terrace overlooking vineyards. And the guests had just been served a dinner of hand made ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta served with butter and sage, potato gnocchi with pesto and green beans and roasted duck with red wine sauce and lemon. The wedding was being hosted in a prestigious winery and the surroundings couldn’t have been more Tuscan.

In actual fact the music was Croatian and it was precisely at that moment that I realised why I love what I do and what is so special about Alfresco destination weddings in Tuscany.

There is no better feeling than watching a couple get married and helping them organise their special day filled with love, romance and perfection. We share their joy with them but they also give something to us.

An Alfresco destination wedding isn’t just a couple deciding they want to get married in Tuscany. But the coming together and fusion of many different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles, all under the Tuscan sun.

That particular day we had organised the wedding of B from Croatia to K from Bulgaria. Seeing as both Boris and live in Vienna there were also a large number of Austrians at the wedding.

The week before J and C from South Africa had been married in a Catholic ceremony celebrated by JJ, the bride’s uncle who now lives in the USA. The bride’s mum has Polish heritage and brought her typical songs and joy.

This summer we’ve also had weddings between B and T from California, C and S from Ireland and J and G from London with their amazing Indian themed wedding party complete with Bollywood dancers.

Perhaps the most memorable destination wedding was last month when we organised the marriage between E from Lebanon and L an American-born Chinese. E had been brought up in Sweden so at this destination wedding there was also a large number of Swedish guests. In this particular wedding we celebrated a “normal symbolic ceremony” a “Persian ceremony” and a Chinese “tea ceremony” so we put together three different cultures and shared their their traditions

All these couples are united by  one thing, their love for each other and their love of Tuscany. They choose us to help them share this love with friends and family by giving them the wedding of their dreams but at the same time they too share something with us, a part of themselves and an insight into their worlds.

This is what makes our destination weddings so special and I will never tire of that!
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