Your wedding stationery is the first thing your guests come into contact with for the wedding, and the message you give not only the information of your wedding but even the colors, patterns, materials will tell your guests the type of your wedding and what to expect on the day. The wedding invitations are your guests’ first glimpse into your wedding style, theme and color palette.  It is even the first impression of the tone for the rest of your printed materials.

There are so many factors to consider, and paper might be at the end of this list. The main function of the invitations is to give to your guests all the information about the event especially if it is a destination wedding the invitation will be not sufficient and you may have need a web site to give some more technical information like the location how to arrive and all the truristic information to arrive at the place.


In the invitations there will be specify the dress code of the different event, for example white and casual dress for the welcome dinner, black tie for the wedding. Your stationery is also a place to include personal details about your love story.

The invitation can 

There are different style where to look at but we will guid you through this fascinated world. There is calligraphy artists to take into consideration, or an inviation illustrated with watercolour designs or the watercolour design of the venue.

Letterpress, foil so many different style to take into consideration and different artists that makes the process so intense.