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Thank You Cards for Wedding

Looking for Thank You Cards for Wedding?

Here’s some Thank You Cards for Wedding

One item you must remember to put on your wedding “to-do” list is choosing the design for your Thank You cards, which you will send to everyone who has given you a wedding gift or helped you in a special way to organize your wedding in Tuscany.

But, how to select your Thank You cards? There are so many different possibilities – but at BeA Alfresco Wedding we are ready with ideas that can help make your choice easier.

You will need to decide whether or not you wish to include a photo of yourselves on the card – either as a newly-married couple – or use a more casual pose of you both at one of the pre-wedding festivities in Italy. Another option is to use a photo of the beautiful Tuscan landscape as a background – or you could have the cards printed in the colors of your wedding theme and have a depiction of your wedding flowers or bouquet reproduced on the front.

You should choose a “romantic” font for the card – but BeA Alfresco would help you with that. Some fonts are very appropriate for weddings, such as Angelina, Windsong or Champignon; or you could opt for the same font you used on your Save the Date cards and/or wedding invitations.

Once you’ve decided on the theme and font for your Thank You cards you will need to set yourselves a “script” for writing them! For instance, some people may have sent you a gift but been unable to attend the wedding, some will be relatives or close friends, and others may have celebrated your wedding in Tuscany with you; there also may be people who you really don’t know very well, such as friends of your parents or siblings. And then there are those Thank You cards that you have to write when you really don’t like the gift they acknowledge! When writing these you will have to be a little creative and diplomatic.

Who should write all of these Thank You cards? Why, both of you, of course! The groom should take care of those for his family and friends, while the bride should take care of hers. When should they be written? As soon as you return from your honeymoon – the
longer you put this off the more difficult it will be to begin – and you know you don’t want to offend anyone by not thanking them for their gifts in a timely fashion – they have shared your happiest memories, even if some of them didn’t attend your wedding, so it’s only fitting that you should show your gratitude for their kindness.

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