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The Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot in Tuscany

The Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot in Tuscany

Let’s see The Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot in Tuscany

Here’s The Pre-Wedding Boudoir Shoot in Tuscany

In Italy, as in many other countries, the pre-wedding boudoir shoot is becoming very popular among brides who want to give their groom a special reminder of how beautiful they are going to be on their special day.

This photo shoot is a very personal gift from the bride to the groom, and can range from a collection of subtle, tantalizing pictures to downright sexy and risqué images of the bride dressed in lingerie such as a corset or basque under a stunning sheer robe. To face this kind of shoot you need to be self confident about your body and your inner and outer beauty. These photos often have a misty quality to them, which makes them even more appealing – and which can help minimize any flaws!

While this new idea is not for everyone, it can add a little something to your pictures instead of just having the usual album of posed pre-wedding photos. The groom will definitely appreciate this unique gift – especially if you can present it to him on the day before the wedding when he may be nervous!

At BeA Alfresco Wedding in Tuscany we will guide you to find the right wedding photographer for your pre-wedding boudoir shoot, as the choice of photographer is of the utmost importance

You must be totally at ease with him/her and his/her staff. We will arrange for a consultation beforehand so that you can become relaxed and comfortable in the studio. We know that you will need to have empathy with the photographer, so we suggest that you use a male photographer who will perhaps be more able to see your “sexy” side and allow the camera to capture this.

You may be nervous, especially if you haven’t had this type of photo taken before, but the photographer will put you at your ease and shoot you from the most flattering angle. He will offer you a choice of settings for your boudoir shoot and suggest poses and outfits that will make you look your best, and make sure to wear high heels. Your wedding shoes would fit the bill perfectly – as they make your legs look so much better! Naturally, all of this will be done in a private studio, and the reputable photographers that we use will give you a contract stating that the photos are for your personal use only.

This ensures that they may not be reproduced and placed on the studio’s website without first asking you first.

The shoot will probably last for a couple of hours and then you will be given lots of photos for you to choose from. You can pick out the most flattering and give them to your groom in a ‘special’ wedding album that you can both look back on and enjoy, even as you grow old together.

Remember that your charm is not simply related to your body, but your entire personality!
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