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wedding in 2020

Wedding in 2020

I couldn’t not write any words about what is going on during these strange days and how it is affecting the life of everybody worldwide, both economically and emotionally.

2020 was considered a perfect year, a perfect number but the year has started really badly. We heard about a strange virus in China but nobody knew what it was. We all thought that it was just a flu, nothing serious, just a more viral flu. Now, two months later, we are fighting a war with COVID19 and we now know well what it is. Hospitals are full; hundreds of people have died in North of Italy, in New York, over Europe and all over the world. The coronavirus COVID-19 has affected 209 countries and territories around the world.

After China, the Italian Government was the first to lock down its Country. On 9 March 2020 a national quarantine was imposed, restricting the movement of the population except for necessity, work, and health circumstances, in response to the growing pandemic of COVID-19 in the country. Additional lockdown restrictions mandated the temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses.

Those that can work from home, do smart working, as it is known. Those that cannot work will have support from the state. We MUST stay at home, for our safety, to avoid the spread of the virus, especially to those people for whom it could be lethal. People have already started sharing online; concerts and passions and communication has changed. We cannot embrace, we cannot talk but we can do it through the internet, and today technology has become fundamental for studying, for work but also for fun. Dinners and aperitifs on line with relatives or friends, the sharing of daily life. #stayathome this our contribution for the World.

Nevertheless, how is COVID affecting destination weddings in Italy and tourism in general?

There are many questions to be answered, many uncertainties for people all over the world, because COVID knows no limits or borders.
Will our couples able to fly to Italy this summer? Will be their guests able to fly to Italy? Will the wedding be performed? Too many questions and no answers. We do not know, nobody knows what the situation will be like in one or two months.
Tourism in general was the first business to be affected and we are totally helpless in front of this.

Will love survive all this? Will weddings survive? Will the wedding business survive?

People are going to lose their job and the budgets will be affected. Some big hotels have decided not to re-open this year and prefer to have a year 0 instead of a bad year with few bookings, it is worrying, as we cannot help, and we cannot do anything, just watch.

However, in all the negative news there is also some positive news: Nature is reawakening. The lock down has also led to some unexpected consequences; the level of pollution has been reduced by nearly 50%, no noise, no pollution and the Earth is saying “Thank you”. We live in Tuscany in the countryside and we can watch out of our windows and see deer running in the fields. In Sardinia, flamingos are back and the beaches are regaining the lost space. Dolphins, which have not been seen for decades, are being spotted near the coast.

This is a cruel moment, but it gives us the opportunity to re-discover the important things in life, the important values of life, family, love, and nature. This is an important but heart-breaking experience, giving humans the opportunity to stop and think. We were all running around like hamsters on a wheel and we could not stop. Now the wheel has stop running, we are starting to discover what we have, and what is important, we are learning to eliminate what is not necessary!

Love is now more necessary than ever, having positive thoughts increases our immune system and make us feel better. Let us colour our world with bright colours in this dark moment.
This downtime is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at our lives and move it in a more positive direction.

At Alfresco Wedding, we are being positive and hopeful that some of our couples will be able to hold their dream wedding in Tuscany this year and we support our couples in every decision they make. In total tranquillity as we know how much effort and money goes into a wedding/event, and if someone cancels it is because they have no choice. We want our message to be a message of Love and Hope because love cannot stop, love goes on anyway, so we would like to suggest:

don’t cancel your dream but just postpone it!


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