Wedding in a Tuscan Castle

When two friends of you decided to get married!!!!

What makes a wedding a great event?

When two of your friends come into your office and tell you they want to get married!

Federico and Valentina have been family friends for what seems like forever. They have two wonderful daughters who are friends with my daughters and when they told me they wanted to get married my mouth dropped because they are already married!

Valentina e Federico got married 12 years ago after the birth of their first daughter Alice but they wanted to renew their love and vows in church in the presence of God

I was overjoyed to be able to support their union and help them in the planning of the whole event. The castle they chose had only ever been used for a few weddings so the project was adrenalinic but with the help of our most trusted vendors we were able to create our exact vision. The months of wedding preparation were very intense but also fun because our meetings were held over dinner with a glass of good wine and we spent the winter imagining, planning and budgeting but also laughing!

It was probably the most fun I’ve had planning a wedding but also the most stressful as I could feel the tension in making the wedding a great success. Everything as always needed to be perfect but maybe more so because they were my friends.

So, what makes a wedding a great event?

Now I know – perfect weather and above all the couple themselves make a great wedding!

It was a magnificent day, perfect weather, hot but not too hot, the bride and groom were emotional but radiant and happy, having fun with all their guests. My family and I were also guests so Liz and Roberta were behind the scenes. Everyone played their part perfectly and gave 100%. I need to thank a fantastic Luca Calamai from Enogastronomia Calamai Catering who did an enormous task in a difficult environment giving us excellent food and an impeccable service.

It wasn’t easy to fill the great spaces the castle offered but we succeeded and in the end, the surroundings didn’t seem so dispersive, with the decorations, lawn games and giant heart shaped sign with the hashtag of Valentina and Federico’s names. Everything was perfect.

I still remember the light that day; it was a beautiful particular light, which I think, can be seen in the photos. A perfect light for perfect photos.