When we ask the reason why a destination wedding in Italy the first answer is always THE FOOD!!!

The Italian food plays a main and fundamental role in a wedding, as everyone will have the opportunity to experience the fantastic Italian food.

We have tried and tested menus for an essential delicious wedding experience. We will help you create the best culinary solutions to suit your guests, budget and taste buds.

We can organize a welcome / rehearsal dinner in a more informal way as for example BBQ, or Pizza party with ice cream and lots of Italian cakes like the famous sicilian cannoli, Zuccotto is a famous Italian dessert believed to have originated in Florence. 

Pizza time

The Pizza can be made in front of the guest and can be a sort of challenge between the guests.

The wedding day will be a formal day with waiters serving in white gloves, and we start with a rich aperitivo after the Ceremony with different food divided in corners. You can even experience the corner of mozzarella with the mozzarella made on the moment especially in the South of Italy the country of Mozzarella. Other corner with cold cut and Prosciutto or Salami and some fried vegetables.

The Prosecco and other aperitif cocktails are served during the Aperitivo.

The served dinner is always a 3 courses dinner than the wedding cake the queen of the day.

Following by Coffè, small cakes or patisserie, and Italian liquors like Limoncello or digestives.

The American bar  during the dancing party will end your wonderful day. 

The food will be an unforgettable experience for the entire group.