Weddings music &

The importance of the Music during any event is a certain. The Music will escort you during the entire life any of us has a music for each moment of their life, and the wedding will be the marriage of two musics and two moments in 2 different life.

 We work with the very best providers in Tuscany and Europe and can find great solutions in lighting design and musical tastes. 

The ceremony we suggest you to have a more classical instruments, or a basic band composition or a Gospel singers,  Aperitivo we suggest to have a more lounge and jazz performance with other performances or dancers. 




During the wedding dinner a background music live or not will escort you during the entire dinner.

After dinner we can suggest you a band or a DJ with some live instruments like sax or drummers.

Different moments for different instruments or live bands. 

A white piano playing during your Ceremony, the sax walking round your guests, a beautiful harp playing during a moving ceremony. The music is essential in your Big day.  Let’s plan together the different moment and different instruments to give you the best emotional ceremony and even the funniest wedding you have ever dreamt of.