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Why a wedding time list matter!

The wedding day is the most desired and expected moment of your life, but at the same time the most feared when we talk about organisation. To tell the story of your wedding it is essential to define which are the most important moments of your big day. Having a wedding list will make you feel more relaxed to enjoy your day with your family and friends, while the vendors you have chosen will take care of you!


Let’s see together some of the key reasons why a wedding time line matter:

  • First of all, it helps to avoid the couple to be overwhelmed. Detailing every single moment of your day, it will simplify the ceremony and will help you to feel less stressed from the moment that you won’t have to worry about what will happen next. The more detailed you can make the plan, the better.
  • A wedding time line will ensure to keep everything on track. This will concern not only the vendors but also the guests.
  • It allows you to organise your essential moments. Every wedding has main moments that need to be divided in a harmonious way during the day, in order to avoid delays and overlaps.


Planning a wedding it can require months and even some years. For this reason, it is important that every detail go smoothly if you want your big day to be unforgettable and less stressful.

The creation of a time line is not a random insertion of hours in a list, but is like to conduct an orchestra: everything in its time to have as a result a harmonious melody and without out of tune.


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