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Blessing Ceremonies in Tuscany, Italy

Blessing Ceremonies in Tuscany, Italy

Let’s talk about Blessing Ceremonies in Tuscany

Ideas for Blessing Ceremonies in Tuscany

You will surely have heard of blessing, literally blessing, but what is it?

As already mentioned it is wonderful to be able to marry in a meadow with a breathtaking view, in front of vineyards, or in a huge swimming pool, or in an enchanted forest surrounded by candles and lights … or even at sea, on the beach.

In short, each of us has an ideal place to exchange promises and pronounce the fateful “yes”. But clearly in all enchanted places it is not possible to make a marriage with legal value, but only in some specific locations.

And you should be aware that here in Tuscany we have many romantic and impressive locations for any kind of ceremony…

Among the non-religiuos blessing ceremonies, the unity candle ceremony is very popular, and symbolizes the coming together of the bride and groom and their two families.

The ceremony is performed as follows: the mothers (or older female relative) of the couple each light a small candle at each side of the larger main candle. The bride and groom then take the side candles and together they light the main candle in the center of the display. They may then exchange simple vows and blow out the side candles to signify their new unity, which is represented by the large single candle.

As with the unity candle, sand ceremonies are becoming very fashionable. These are more suitable for outdoor, or al fresco, settings. Again, they symbolize the unity of the couple.

Three glass containers are used; two small ones, each containing a different color of sand, represent the bride and groom – and a larger vase or decorative glass container which is slowly filled with sand by the couple from their two small vases of colored sand, alternating each color.

The sand blends together to make a unique and decorative pattern. This vase may be etched with the names or initials of the couple; our designer can create a unique monogram for the vase, which will be a permanent keepsake of your special blessing ceremony.

Whether your choice is, at BeA Alfresco Wedding we will help you in creating your unique, stylish bespoke wedding.

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