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three day wedding in Tuscany

Three days wedding in Tuscany: East meet West

three days wedding in Tuscany

Wedding Ceremony in Italy


For her three days wedding in Tuscany XingNi writes:

How I met Bea

After deciding to tie the knot in Florence, I knew I would need someone there to help me plan the wedding, if I want to enjoy it at all.

I researched for about 20 different wedding planners on WeddingWire and Bea was the first one I interviewed, I instantly liked her but decided to talk to more people as I did not want to settle for the first person I met. However, the more planners I talked to, the more I was convinced that my instinct was right. Not only was Bea reasonably priced (compared to some outrageous rate), she was genuine, friendly, and has the most heart-warming laugh.

Working together

It took us a while to build the trust, especially at the beginning. Imagine talking to someone half way across the world, whom you have never met, and ready to put down thousands of Euro based on her suggestion. Was she really giving me the best rate? Was she understanding fully what I envisioned? However, these doubts slowly faded through more than a year’s almost daily Email exchanges.

Bea is filled with endless patience and passion for her work.

Once the trust was built, working together became very easy. In most cases, Beatrice would give me a few options for each type of vendors, and I just had to pick one, or I would give her a budget for a specific item and she would recommend someone within that budget. I definitely achieved a lot more than I possibly could have done by myself. Barring all the efforts saved from contacting and discussing, negotiating with different vendors listed on the Internet, Bea went the extra mile to give us options that was not even listed through her vast contact web in Florence.

She found us a 10 bedroom building owned by her friend Stefano in the center of Florence and we rented it exclusively for 3 days to accommodate all the young people in our wedding party. It was the best decision ever, everybody loved it and they all hang out on the terrace where you have an amazing view of the Duomo. I had not even seen a picture of this place prior to the day before our guests’ arrival since it was newly renovated, and Stefano was not the greatest with taking photos, but I am so glad that I trusted Bea and Stefano was definitely a top apartment manager.

The 3 day event

Simply put, it was three best days of our lives.  From the welcome dinner at the cosy Il Pannello recommended by Stefano, to our traditional tea ceremony, to the actual wedding and even the brunch the day after, I did not have to worry about a thing. Anything I could have thought, Bea thought about it before me; every time I had questions and doubts, I just had to turn around, and Bea was right behind me and coming up with solutions fast.

I would not have changed a thing in those three days.

(Well, maybe I’d have tried not to cry so much but who could complain about tears of joy.)


Or wedding in Florence is over but our friendship with Bea will not end.  She is beautiful, loving, genuine, patient, and as mentioned, has the most heart-warming laugh that will always bring out the

————————   ?

How I met XingNi

I received the first mail from XingNi on  March 2015, the mail had 16 questions than I carefully answered.

I didn’t know who they were and from where they wrote, they contacted me after my answer and we set a skype call.  At this point they told me that Xing Ni is Chinese and Dennis Philippine grow us in US.

It was great to talk the first time with them, they were so nice, not as the first impression with the 16th questions…. Contrary to other European couples they were looking for a wedding planner agency and not just  a venue.


Xing Ni had clear ideas of what she wanted so it has been really easy to liaise with her, she has been always very accurate and precise,  from the first email.

She is famous for her Excel spreadsheet…. The more difficult part was to find a place where everybody can stay, our friend has a beautiful big palace with apartments, perfect for the group, but they weren’t ready till May. This was difficult to explain the apartments without any photo supports, they should believe me and buy something without seeing it.

The 3 day event

One putting everything together, it was easier to handle the group. XingNi and Dennis are a beautiful and so nice couple, we worked hard but we laughed harder with them, we were part of the group, welcome as friend and not as just wedding planner.

The white dress wedding day everything had a Chinese touch, all flowers were red, red peonies, table cloth red and underplate gold as well as everything was red and gold. The bouquet and all the flowers were magnificent. The theme was red and gold, from the menu to the fab. Wedding cake.

I put all my efforts and knowledge in order to be everything perfect.

The wedding day is one shot, but a friendship remain forever even in two different part of the World and this is the magnificent part of this job that is not just a job it is life.

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