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Order of Service for Civil and Religious Weddings in Italy

Order of Service for Civil and Religious Weddings in Italy

Let’s talk about Civil and Religious Weddings in Italy

What you must know about Civil and Religious Weddings in Italy

The wedding order of service is a very important element to consider when you are planning a wedding in Italy.

Naturally, there are some differences between the order of service for a religious wedding and one for a civil wedding. We at BeA Alfresco are here to help you with customized text and graphics, and also designs for different ways to present your order of service that will make it unique.

Our graphic designer can create a distinctive logo or monogram from the initials of the bridal couple, and use this monogram as a theme throughout the wedding – from the ‘Save the Date’ cards and invitations to the order of service – and even ‘Thank You’ cards. The order of service can be created as a simple folder which can be as ornate and colorful or as simple as you desire.

An amusing, yet elegant, idea is to print it onto a decorative fan. These fans can be heart-shaped, round, oval, or any shape that is special to the bride and groom. The fan is something which may be greatly appreciated by your guests in the warmth of a Tuscan summer.

In the picture, you can see we used an oval fan for the order of service in a country chic weddingthat we had in June, which added a nice stylish touch to everything.

The actual order of service will differ slightly, according to whether or not you are being married in a Catholic church in Tuscany or in one of our many architecturally amazing town halls. Even if you are having an al fresco wedding you will need your guests to know the order in which each part of the ceremony will take place.

If you are being married in church you will have to choose your hymns, religious readings and any acknowledgements you wish to make to parents and other loved ones. Some families have traditions that they like to continue throughout the generations, such as special readings, prayers or hymns. These should all be discussed and agreed upon with your minister beforehand.

The order of service for a civil wedding may be less structured; your music can be anything you desire, and you can write your own vows – which gives the couple more freedom to say exactly how they wish to pledge their love to each other. At BeA Alfresco we will be happy to assist you with your choice of music, readings, rituals or even words for your vows.

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